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How the other half lives

Frankly, I’ve had enough of the world. Wherever I look these days there are people determined to make life difficult for others. If it isn’t the impact that Brexit will have upon people like us (and European immigrants in the UK) it is the petty minded individuals who do what they like and b****r everyone else. At times like this I fall back on my natural feeling that others are not to be trusted; the government (naturally) – all governments, actually, can be relied upon to act in a way which causes citizens despair, and people who were supposed to be friends just act in a totally selfish and self centered manner, abusing carefully built up trust along the way. To hell with the lot of them, say I.

Living here in the middle of our patch of greenery makes me feel that solitude is the only way of life for us, and we are very fortunate to be able to escape from other people. I remember only to well how difficult it could be living cheek by jowl with suburban neighbours with whom we didn’t always see eye to eye and I’m really thankful that we no longer have to do so.

We are now in the season of crossing fingers and hoping. The olive trees have been flowering fairly well, but it has been very hot the last few days, with a strong wind, so all we can do is hope that it hasn’t affected the fruiting. Next week the temperature is due to take a dive and rain is forecast – we will see!

I have plants ready to go into my veg patch, but am holding off if there is rain due, as that will be a better time to plant. We’ve ordered water for the olive trees on Thursday, so that’s when it will probably rain! I intend to buy tomato plants to put in pots for starters, so my seedlings will go in the ground later. The theory is that there will be a succession of fruits, but who knows whether or not it will work. I’ve already been pulling radishes and my cut and come again salad leaves will be ready in a week or so. I guess I need to sew more of those as well. These things have to be in pots, as the soil is so bad here, but it means I can easily cut/pull them as I need them. The potatoes should be ready in a couple of weeks more, hopefully – can’t wait for “proper” salad potatoes!